4 Ways Velvet Antler Extract Naturally Fights Symptoms of Aging

People around the world continue to search for ways to turn back the clock and slow down the aging process. Some turn to expensive and risky cosmetic procedures, while others overload on caffeine to keep energy levels up. However, what many people don’t realize is that velvet antler extract can naturally fight the symptoms of aging from the inside out.

What Can Velvet Antler Extract Do For You?

As you age, your body produces hormones and nutrients at different levels than you were previously accustomed to. As a result, you can start to feel fatigued, experience low sex drive, suffer from irritability, develop arthritis, struggle to recover from illness or injuries, and lose skin elasticity and vibrancy, among other symptoms.

Here are just four ways that velvet antler extract can improve your experience with life’s natural aging process.

  1. Reduces arthritis pain. Many of the various nutrients found in VAE have anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce aches and pains in the joints commonly associated with arthritis. Additionally, the compounds can reduce swelling and water retention to improve comfort.
  2. Minimizes menopausal discomfort. Products made from VAE offer natural menopause relief as an alternative to hormone replacement therapies. The growth factors and bio-identical hormones found in VAE can support women going through this transition, as it reduces many of the associated symptoms: decreased libido, achy muscles, lower energy levels, slower metabolism, imbalanced hormones, and more.
  3. Speeds up recovery times. The abundance of IGF-1 and TGF promote faster healing for individuals who have suffered from illness or experienced an injury. The levels of vitamin C also help fight off illness before it takes over the body and work to alleviate sickness that has developed.
  4. Provides visible anti-aging results. While Hollywood celebrities are willing to spend big money on Botox injections and face lifts, velvet antler extract’s high levels of IGF-1 proteins and collagen work to reduce fine lines from the inside out, improving skin elasticity and suppleness.

Pure Solutions’ Products

Although several anti-aging supplements are available in health food stores across the country, many of these products are actually made from synthetic nutrients, lowering their potency and efficiency. Pure Solutions’ nutraceuticals are safely and humanely harvested from elk antlers, making the supplements all-natural and chemical-free.

Pure Solutions’ provides high-quality supplements to individuals across the nation through local distributors. Some of the ideal distributor candidates include owners of med spas, anti-aging clinics, or health food stores who want to provide customers with the healthiest, safest anti-aging supplements on the market.

For more information about Pure Solutions’ velvet antler extract supplements, or to inquire about becoming a distributor for your area, give us a call today.

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