5 Benefits of Velvet Antler Extract

Because velvet antler extract is still relatively new to Western medicine, the average American is unaware of the numerous benefits it can provide. In fact, Pure Solutions’ VAE supplements are the safest, nutrient-dense products available to consumers.

  1. 100% Natural. Many of the natural supplements being sold in health food stores across the country are actually made up from synthetic nutrients. Because these products are synthetically engineered, they often have low potency levels, a fact many consumers are unaware of. Pure Solutions’ deer antler velvet products are safely harvested directly from elk, making the company’s products completely organic and free of synthetic materials.
  2. Great for Reducing Arthritis Pain. Some of the various compounds found in velvet antler extract have anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal supplements for alleviating joint pain associated with arthritis. Additionally, the compounds can reduce swelling and water retention to improve comfort.
  3. Helps Minimize Menopausal Discomfort. Pure Solutions’ products offer natural menopause relief to those who aren’t comfortable with hormone replacement therapies. The growth factors and bio-identical hormones found in VAE can help with women in menopause suffering with any of the following symptoms: decreased libido, achy muscles, lower energy levels, slower metabolism, imbalanced hormones, and more.
  4. Provides Real Anti-Aging Results. Unlike many chemically manufactured anti-aging products seen advertised by Hollywood celebrities, velvet antler extract contains pure compounds to slow the effects of aging from the inside. IGF-1 proteins act similarly to insulin, improving mood, mental acuity, and endurance. It can also aid in fat loss and reduce the look of fine lines.
  5. Speeds Up Recovery. The compounds found in VAE promote faster healing for individuals who have been injured or suffered illness. Many athletes take deer antler velvet supplements because they encourage a faster recovery process after a rigorous workout or sport-related injury. However, anyone who has suffered and injury or illness can benefit from the IGF-1 and TGF levels.

Pure Solutions Velvet Antler Extract Products

Pure Solutions’ mission is to provide high-quality, all-natural supplements to people across the country through local distributors. Some of the best distributor candidates include owners of med spas, anti-aging clinics, or health food stores, as it provides not only an opportunity for earning potential, but also a chance to provide clients with the healthiest, safest supplements on the market.

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