Natural Supplements versus Synthetics

Some people who have tried natural supplements have reported ineffective results. But at Pure Solutions we are willing to bet that if this has been your experience, chances are that you were using a synthetic version, not one that uses only raw and 100% pure ingredients and materials. Most people think that if the word “natural” is used somewhere on the label that it is, well, natural. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Although not regulated as a food by the FDA, most vitamins are categorized as dietary supplements, which means the manufacturers must ensure the processes used in their creation are safe and adhere to a certain number of restrictions; but it does not mean they are 100% authentic, as their advertisements may suggest.

Synthetic and Natural Supplements

At Pure Solutions we know that not all supplements are created equally, and we want to help our customers understand the difference between real and synthetic so they can benefit from the many advantages that real supplements offer.

With an increasing demand for healthy supplements and vitamins, more and more companies are looking for the most efficient way to provide consumers with the solutions they are looking for in the fastest, most affordable ways. To mass produce products, many companies rely on synthetic versions of natural supplements because they cost less money, require less resources, are quicker and easier to produce in large amounts, and still contain enough of the vitamins and minerals to be considered a supplement. The problem is that in the manufacturing and distributing process of these types of products, most of the benefits they were intended for are lost.

When they are in their purest, most natural form—which also is when they offer the most benefits—vitamins and supplements are quite sensitive to outside influences. Something as seemingly irrelevant as the temperature of the room or the material of packaging can affect their potency and, therefore, quality. When they use synthetic versions, however, companies have more flexibility with how they can produce and use them. On labels you may see something like “nature identical”—which, despite what it may initially imply, actually means it has been modified and is just mimicking the properties of a 100% natural product.

Pure Solutions’ Natural Supplements

At Pure Solutions we control every step of the process to ensure the supplements and products we offer are delivered with the highest possible quality. We package our extractions in amber glass bottling to prevent polypeptides from binding, and administer the supplements in liquid form to ensure maximum absorption.

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