Pro B Complex for Women

This high-potency B complex is designed to give women’s bodies specific nutrients to get the most from a training program. This potent B complex provides four high-quality forms of the most important B vitamins carried in an oral delivery system designed specifically to enhance the absorption rates of these micro-nutrients.


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Benefits of supplementation may include:

  • Increased recovery
  • Improved mood recovery and metabolism
  • Increased endurance and sustain energy

Healthy Customers

“I am a believer”
– Dr. Maturo –
“I was floored how quickly I felt it”
– Stace Houk –
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“I’ve noticed a vast improvement in my energy levels”
– George Duncan –
Marlboro, NJ
“I’m 75 years old and feel 45!”
– Bob Self –
New Braunfels, TX
“I recommend all of the Pure Factors products”
– Rick Chavez –
NASA and AAU World Power lifting Champion an World Record Holder
“Thanks again for the IGF!”
– Karl Roelofs –
Tampa, FL
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