The History of Deer Antler Supplements

While they may be a newer idea here in the United States, Eastern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices have been making use of deer antler supplements for over 2,000 years. Second only to ginseng in popularity, this ingredient has been making waves ever since people began to realize how beneficial it can be. At Pure Solutions, we have been creating this supplement for over ten years and, during that time, we believe we have perfected the ancient recipe so you can benefit as much as possible.

Where Are They From?

Thousands of years ago, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine discovered an amazing quality that deer, elk, moose and reindeer have: the ability to regrow parts of their body. Each year, stags will grow antlers at the impressive rate of almost one inch per day; then once the antlers get too heavy for the animal, they naturally fall off and begin the growing process all over again. These animals are the only mammals that have this regeneration power. They are able to grow so quickly because they are packed full of a naturally occurring growth hormone called IGF-1, which humans produce as well.

Of course, Eastern Medicine practitioners were not aware of IGF-1, just of the amazing growth rate and regeneration, which led them to create deer antler supplements. They would remove the antlers, cut them into thin slices and sell them to their patients. The slices could be brewed in a tea or made into a powder; there were plenty of forms to choose from. Once they began taking them, people reported feeling better overall, with effects like increased energy, stronger immune systems, and less joint pain. As more and more people realized how effective and beneficial this supplement is, it became extremely popular in many different Asian countries.

Pure Solutions

While we at Pure Solutions respect the past, we have also worked hard to perfect the ingredient list of our deer antler supplements to make them as effective as possible for modern day medicine. For instance, we actually use elk antlers instead of deer, since elk grow larger and live healthier, longer lives. In addition, our products come in liquid form and are mixed with organic grape alcohol to allow for maximum absorption.

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